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Pearl of Loran Tower

424 El Geish Road, Loran, Alexandria, Complex A and B

This residential/commercial tower is located at the classy seafront of the Loran District in Alexandria. The tower contains two sections, each with specious luxury apartments that are uniquely designed to appeal to your sense of pleasure and comfort. Each one of these luxury apartments is designed with breath-taking panoramic view of the sea from the front and back of the unit.


El Jazeera Tower

Next to Araby Square and Sangour College, Manshia District, Alexandria

This 11-story project has been exclusively designed to serve the hospitality industry. The project is located at the heart of the booming business center of Alexandria. The tower is uniquely situated; facing the beautiful blue water of the Mediterranean Sea; only steps away from the commercial center of Alexandria. The Great Alexandria Library is few blocks away and the old Roman Theater is within a short reach. Public transportation is nearby and plenty of parking spaces are available for private vehicles.

If your company is in the international hotels management business, we invite you to talk to us. Bring your hotels management expertise and your creative ideas and let us work together to set new standard for the hospitality industry.



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